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Looking for a few good programmers.


Jun 19, 2000, 5:53 PM

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Looking for a few good programmers.

Ok guys,

If you are good at programming Perl CGI scripts, show me what you got. I am in need of a complex program that uses several levels and I NEED IT FAST.

This script will include the following.

Membership - Memebers will be able to create their own user name and log in
Random Number Generator - This is for a record database, but the random nuber cannot repeat itself, must be at least 20 charaters.
Record specific data to a member viewable database for confoirmation.
Ability to send four e-mails at the completion of transaction
be able to pull data off of a form that is not part of the system (ie a membership sign up form from another site) and send that information to a datafile for member records.

IF any of you are interested in this idea, e-mail me at salitica@salitica.com.

This programming job will have residules and upgrade for a long time to come. Addtionaly a cofidentiality agreement must be signed for any more specific information is divulged.

Matthew Cole
C Systems Inc http://web-accounting.net http://salitica.com http://tciphonecards.com

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