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Perl support for embedded platform..

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Feb 1, 2012, 5:02 AM

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Perl support for embedded platform..

Hi guys,

First of all i am sorry if i posted this question in a wrong forum thread.

I am actually working on a embedded platform (a network switch device running on a PPC processor) which runs on an Unix based real time OS. We do not have access to the source code however (Its a third party OS, we have the developer manuals etc). I was thinking of cross compiling the Perl on to this device and writing a glue layer myself. But got hit with a very basic doubt (as i do not know the internals of Perl). What support will i need from an OS/hardware perspective to be able to decide if i can support perl on such an embedded platform? Any pointers/suggestions will be helpful. If you need any more information i can provide the same.

Thanks in advance,