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How Do I Include My CGi Without SSI?


Dec 17, 2000, 4:30 PM

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How Do I Include My CGi Without SSI?

Say you don't have SSI (Server Side Includes) on your server but you want to include a script from an html page or an ASP page or other types of pages like that. You could use an Inline Frame which will bring in the page, file, or script you want, in a cgi's case, you may just want it to track the hits to the page, so You don't want the script to be seen, but defiantly executed, you could easily point an Inline frame to your script without letting the visitor know about it by making the frame 1 x 1 pixels, which is too small to notice.

<IFRAME SRC="http://site.com/cgi-bin/counter.cgi" WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=1 SCROLLING="no" FRAMEBORDER=0  

You could adjust the size (measured in pixels) to whatever you wish, Inline Frames are also good for binging in perl scripts that will show the server date & time too, In that case you'd just adjust the Iframe's size so that you can read the script's output.