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Automatic GUI tests with perl

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Mar 12, 2012, 6:20 AM

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Automatic GUI tests with perl

Hello all,

I am trying to create some automatic tests using perl Win32-GuiTest module. What I am trying to do is to verify / check / uncheck a certain check box or radio button. I was trying to use some spy programs to fing the control ID of a certain button (even if I do not know if this is a good solution) but the radion button does not have any. The dialog of the application has QT support.

the questions would be:

1.which solution is recommanded to obtain a handling for a certain button and afterwards to modify its state and check the modification? (is the control ID sufficient?)

2.If there is no control ID attached, what would be the solution?

3.Does anyone have experience with QT dialogs using perl in GUI tests? ...and is able to share some hints.....Smile