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Getting error undefined symbol: PL_thr_key

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Nov 13, 2012, 1:28 AM

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Getting error undefined symbol: PL_thr_key


I am new to Perl. I have created a shared object by embedding the Perl into C code. While creating the shared object, I had linked the Perl statically i.e. "libperl.a" into the C code. When I open this created shared object using the system call “dlopen”, I am getting the following error
libperlmodule.so: undefined symbol: PL_thr_key
libperlmodule.so: undefined symbol: PL_exit_flags etc..
But when I do “nm libperl.a | grep PL_thr_key”, I am able to see the symbols for PL_thr_key.

Can you please help me out to resolve the above issue?