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Making a high scores table

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Dec 1, 2012, 7:10 AM

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Making a high scores table

Basically, I have a set of scores that will be pushed into an array each time the program loops (i.e. the person says they want to play again)

This is my code so far:


print "Your final score is: $score_total\n\n"; # score organiser.
print "Please enter your initials for the high score table: \n";
chomp (my $initial_add = <STDIN>);
my @initials_array = ();
push (@initials_array, $initial_add);
my @score_array = ($score_total);
push (@score_array, $score_total);
print "Name = $initials_array[0]\tScore = $score_array[0]\n";

print "Initials \t Score \n";


It is worth noting that the variable $score_total is the score from an earlier bit of code, every time this bit finishes and the $score_total is pushed into @score_array, the $score_total gets intialized to 0 again so a new score can be added.

How can I go about putting this in a high scores table that is displayed as the above code part : print "Name = $initials_array[0]\tScore = $score_array[0]\n";
I want it to add the scores each time the game is played so that the high scores table gets more populated.



Dec 1, 2012, 8:53 AM

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Re: [psynt555] Making a high scores table

Note: Use square brackets rather than angle brackets around your code tags in this forum.

The variables @initials_array and @score_array must be declared outside the loop. (They are reinitialized every time your code is run.)

The function "push" adds to the end of the list. Your subscript [0] will always access the first element. Use [-1] to access the last element.
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