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Problem in clicking link using IEAutomation

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Jan 22, 2013, 3:12 AM

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Problem in clicking link using IEAutomation

  Hi, I wants to click the link which contains the image over it in perl IEAutomation. The html source code for that link is given below. <td id='KEY_TOOLTIP_Export_Table_View' class='IconSpacing'> <a id='TLB_KEY_TOOLTIP_Export_Table_View' href="javascript:getCheckedList('/pmsmart/Request?Key=pop_export_item_tableview&OwnerType=Prj&OwnerID=181893&ItemType=Siu&DisplayCategory=Issue&DispCatEng=Issue&SearchCount=11&IsRootFolder=false&NSPs=Y','Please select Issue to edit',false)" title="Export Issue Table View" > <img src='images/export_projects.gif?RN=6.3_HF14' width='16' height='16' border='0' /> </a> </td>

The perl code am having is given below.

use Win32::IEAutomation;

my $ie = Win32::IEAutomation->new( visible => 1, maximize => 1);


But it is not clicking that link which contains image.

I have attached the snapshot of the webpage also.

Anyone can tel me how to click the link?

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Jan 24, 2013, 9:25 PM

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Re: [Analog] Problem in clicking link using IEAutomation

You should have the following at the top of every program:

use strict;  
use warnings;

The perl code am having is given below.

You should get an error message when you add the use statements, and it will be similar to the output when you run this:

my $string = TLB_KEY_TOOLTIP_Export_Table_View;

And if you look at that statement and you don't immediately know what's wrong, then you need to read a beginning perl book.

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