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Win32::GUI::RichEdit ?


Mar 5, 2014, 8:17 AM

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Win32::GUI::RichEdit ?

Does anyone have any experience with the win32 GUI RichEdit box?

I need to display the output of my program, a large table, in a scrollable text box. I can sense the size of the user’s screen and adjust the viewable display size accordingly, but as stated before, it still needs to be scrollable. I want the content to be read-only, but I want the user to be able to select all of the text and copy it to an excel spreadsheet with tabbed columns.

I’m using win32::GUI. Can I get a hint as to what field types to use for this purpose? RichEdit sounds like the right thing, but there are no examples available on the web. Does anyone know of a coding example? A simple button “Copy to clipboard” would be preferred over selecting with the mouse.

Another option would be to write the content to a temporary file in HTML format and then pass that content to a win32 GUI control, but I still need the user to be able to copy all to the clipboard and paste into excel.

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