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modifications to search


Jan 22, 2001, 8:49 PM

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modifications to search

We have been attempting to use EZScripting's searchcsv as an adjunct to our shopping cart (which has a very bad search engine). Our CSV file has over 10,000 items in it and will eventually reach close to 20,000. We chose this script primarily for the ability to set up the search results in multiple formats.

However, with so many items in the CSV file, we need the ability to limit the number of results per page (probably to 25) and to have a "previous/next" page link at the bottom or top (or both) of each page's results. These are features not currently available in the script.

Also, with such a large database, we now find that it hangs after a certain point, especially with Netscape. This could be a server issue and we are investigating that...or it could be the script.

Therefore, if we could have a modification that would allow two smaller CSVs to be searched, so that if the result is not found in file one the script automatically goes to file two and searches there...it would be a beautiful thing.

Has anyone or could anyone modify this script to our specs? I see that the author encourages modifications.

Or, if anyone knows of a better solution, we are willing to listen...especially if it involves CSVs, as we now have a rather large one created.

We would like to implement this as soon as possible.

Any questions or need more info, or if you feel you can do the job, please let me know.


Jan 29, 2001, 9:44 AM

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Re: modifications to search

If you would like to discuss what you need please feel free to contact me at development@toarmino.com.


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