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Code golf site - SHORTEN

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Dec 1, 2014, 11:11 AM

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Code golf site - SHORTEN

Hello. I'm the admin of http://spoj.com/SHORTEN. A site, in which you can submit your Perl programs and they will be compiled and run with problem's data.

I have a user there who is especially good in Perl and he has the best score (= shortest programs) in most problems. So I was thinking that perhaps some of you would like to give it a try and challenge him. I'm wondering whether anybody can beat him in any task.

Here's a ranking for Perl (as you can also submit on SHORTEN programs in other languages):
As you can see, his score is 9.93/10.

To encourage you, printing n-th Fibonacci number takes in Perl only 43 chars (assuming t tests) - it's FIBON problem on SHORTEN if you wondered.