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Mail Server Error for NT


Jan 31, 2001, 9:25 AM

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Mail Server Error for NT

I'm relatively new to working with an NT server. I've done several cgi programs for use on Unix, but this is my first one trying on an NT. I'm doing a guestbook script and everything works fine except I'm receiving the following mail error:

An error was encountered whilst communicating with the mail-server: ...
"Server Error: "-005""

My host is using Geocel Devmailer and I was told I had to use this in order to send mail from a script. So I have the following sendmail code in my script:

$smtp_server = "mail.webmaster-designs.com";
$mailprog = 'Geocel.Mailer';
$recipient = 'email@email.com';

*Note: I've removed the actual email recipient I'm using in this script above.

Does anyone know about Devmailer? If so, can anyone tell me if that is the right format?

Also, if anyone can please let me know what that particular error message means, I'd appreciate it.