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=~ s ????


Feb 14, 2001, 4:13 PM

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=~ s ????

Hi all :-)

I have a question about searching in Perl

For example :

Lets say a have a text file like

What I want to do now is to find out how many lines that contains ip number
Itīs 3 okej, but how do I get Perl to understands it ?

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Feb 14, 2001, 6:38 PM

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Re: =~ s ????

Consider this block of code...


use strict;

my $source = <<EOF;

my @rows = split ("\n", $source);
my $ip = '';

my $count;

Now here are three options that might do what you want to @rows...

foreach (@rows) { 
$count++ if (/$ip/);

print "'$ip' found on $count of ", scalar (@rows), " lines\n";

$count = ($source =~ s/$ip/$ip/g);

print "'$ip' found on $count of ", scalar (@rows), " lines\n";

$count = grep { /$ip/ } @rows;

print "'$ip' found on $count of ", scalar (@rows), " lines\n";

I made a small change to the data so one of these three solutions will give the wrong answer. But learning which one is left as an exercise for the reader.

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