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works in IE4/5 not in Netscape 4.7


Mar 9, 2001, 5:00 AM

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works in IE4/5 not in Netscape 4.7

Why do my scripts execute when called using IE4+ but not in Netscape? I can call by embedding:
<html various codes...>
<script language="perlscript">
sub myscript
#!d:\\perl\\bin\\perl etc

or call when its external:
<script language="perlscript" src="myscript.pl"></script>

or call using:
<head><script language="perlscript" src="myscript.pl"></script></head>
<body><% system('myscript.pl') %>....

and they all produce correct results in IE4 but are all ignored by Netscape 4.7. I am coding on an NT client using ActiveState 5.6.0. It must all be installed correctly for IE to run the scripts surely? How can I consider moving these to our intranet and/or live site until netscape also calls the scripts? Please help....