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What is Perl diver?


Mar 12, 2001, 2:34 PM

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What is Perl diver?

I am embarrased to ask this question. Of course I never intended to get into Perl, but if I am going to play with these web sites I guess I have too!

I am having trouble with the output from a great script that I am using. I was asked by the writer of the script "What version of Perl am I using?" and that I could find out by using "Perl diver."

What is "Perl diver?" Is there a way to find out what version of perl is being used on my server from my browser? I have always used WS-ftp to upload my files.

I hope this question doesn't lead to another "Learning Experience", but it looks like it will!


Have a Great Day!
I can't believe I am even trying to understand Perl!

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Mar 12, 2001, 4:40 PM

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Re: What is Perl diver?

PerlDiver is a program that outputs some information about your server, some Perl-specific information (such as its version), and installed Perl modules on your server.

But it may be overkill for what you need :)

The easiest ways to find out what version of Perl is installed are

1) Type perl -v at the command line (assuming you have shell access)
2) Ask your server administrator :)

Hope this helps!