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Subscription Site Password Protection Program


Apr 24, 2001, 3:31 PM

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Subscription Site Password Protection Program

We are still searching for the following

We need “Subscription Site Password Protection” Cgi program.

Explanation first: We have a stock related web site that offers daily stock
alerts. We offer free alerts and we offer fee-based alerts.

The free alerts are to entice the free member to become a fee-based member.

We need the program only for the free members.

We need all of following functions from the program.

1. Password protection for one directory.
2. Automatic member registration.
3. Automatic email notification to member and site owner.
4. Member has access to free directory for only 30 days and then the member
will be automatically removed by program.
5. A feature that will stop that same member from using a different
user name and password to re-join as a free member again.
6. Must be hands free for the owner (program performs all functions).
7. Email member with member password information in order to confirm valid email address.

We will pay if the program will perform the above.

Thanks in advance

William Smith


Apr 24, 2001, 3:34 PM

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Re: Subscription Site Password Protection Program

Wsmith8 plz dont post more than once. The admin really dont like that plus if someone answers your post in one and then someone sees this one and answers it thinking it had not been answered, you waste a lot of time for that person and is sometimes frustrating.

Just informing you.
:) gl finding the script

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Sep 29, 2002, 10:18 AM

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Re: [wsmith8] Subscription Site Password Protection Program

http://www.lockedarea.com/ - Have a look at Locked Area Pro, it will do everything you have mentioned above.

- Neil