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Open Source Article Manager needed



Jun 14, 2000, 4:56 AM

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Open Source Article Manager needed Can't Post

I have been searching to no end for an article manager. By article manager I mean a web application written in Perl or PHP that would allow articles to be written online and placed into set catagories by the author or webmaster. Included with this manager would be a server side include to allow simple integration for the webmaster.

The include statement would consist of the execution statement and the catagory so that a webpage could be split up with articles set into the correct catagories when the page is clicked on.

It would also inclue searching features, author profile features, other articles written by, add a comment, etc.

The articles manager would be laid out such that when the author posts an article he/she would put in a title (Writing Perl Scripts for deadheads), a teaser (This article will cover dealing with the non-programmer deadheads that always want something for nothing), and of course the main body of the article.

Though I hane many other ideas, this is just to spark your interests. I can go into further detail upon request. I have a feeling that some ot the message board scripts would work really well for this. It would be an excellent project for the advanced programmer that wishes to build something that is highly useful.



Jun 16, 2000, 5:07 PM

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Re: Open Source Article Manager needed [In reply to] Can't Post

I am a little suprised that I have not seen one reply to this posting. I believe that this application could be higly useful and could possibly become extremely popular.
Their is a great need for an application like this due to the amount of online magazines and the majority of websites that are using time-consuming html to do this very thing.
Well, I guess at least I tried to interest someone.

[This message has been edited by Prowler (edited 06-16-2000).]

User / Moderator

Jun 16, 2000, 5:30 PM

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Re: Open Source Article Manager needed [In reply to] Can't Post

No, the majority of serious magazines and news portals doing this use things like Vignette (tcl), OpenMarket, ATG Dynamo, and the like.

All of them cost major bucks.

On the free end of things you have HTML::Mason (perl, esp. mod_perl), Midgard (PHP), and Zope (Python).


Jun 16, 2000, 5:56 PM

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Re: Open Source Article Manager needed [In reply to] Can't Post

Hence the meaning of Open Source. Some of us can not afford the likes of Vignette. But who says you have to be a "serious" magazine with deep pockets to have a need for an application like this.

PHP(Midgard)or Python(Zope)is not supported by alot of the major ISP's unlike Perl. And like myself I do not have enough programing knowledge to put together an application of this size. I have written a similiar application in PHP, but it does not have everything that I want and my programming knowledge in PHP and time goes no further than what I have accomplished.
Don't get me wrong. It works quite well, but it deserves to have more.

I was under the impression that there were plenty of "pro" bulletin boards out there, but yet "free" boards are still popping up.

What difference does it make if one exists or if a website isn't as "serious" as you would consider to be serious. There is still a need for this application and to keep it free and useful.

Perl and websites like TPA allows the not so savy web builder to have resources to him/her that they would not normally have. Regardless of what allready exists nothing has complied with what I am looking for. I do not want a programming interface I want the program.

User / Moderator

Jun 16, 2000, 7:14 PM

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Re: Open Source Article Manager needed [In reply to] Can't Post

Open Source != Free.

If your ISP doesn't provide features you want, ask for them or take your money elsewhere.

Bulletin boards are (usually) far less compled than what you're looking for.

"Serious" (pro) sites usually seek input from third parties (who are only too happy to push high-end stuff) or -- less common -- write it themselves, hence my comments.

The same applies for many amateur sites, although the tendencies (in my experience) run opposite to pro sites because of costs and lack of free options that fit their needs.

There's no such thing as "off the shelf customized software": everyone needs/wants different things, and APIs are the best way to do that unless you write your own or modify someone elses.

Have a look at Slashcode (perl) as a possible solution.

If that doesn't work for you, head over to SourceForge, start a new project and solicit help.


Jul 13, 2000, 7:18 PM

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Re: Open Source Article Manager needed [In reply to] Can't Post

there are a few of these around

and you can also hack a news updater script to do this as well, I have doe it a few times Smile

God Bless
Mike Wattier
"Time will open doors for you,
Wishes spent make dreams come true"


Jul 14, 2000, 9:03 AM

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Re: Open Source Article Manager needed [In reply to] Can't Post

i have a free script in perl that does...well, half of what you need. Its at .

Though, Ironically, I'm releasing a script that does things similar to what you mentioned next month or so. Its not open source, so just email ( if you want more info on it. This isn't really the proper place to 'advertise' anyhow.


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