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Reading / Parsing



Oct 26, 2001, 10:33 AM

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Reading / Parsing Can't Post

I am a beginner and need some help.
I am reading a directory files and looking for specific files (all the mary's) then I am trying to only print specific lines.

A file will contain the following
Name= Mary Joe
Birthdate= October 26 1976
Location= Canada
Drivers Licence=: 123456
Type of Car= GM
Safari Mini Van
Phone Number= 987-645-321
Address= 20 Street, Toronto, On
Special=: Use side door for special delivers.
All other
mail is to be delivered to front door.
Previous Address: Unknown
Expiry= December 2002.

Here is my code:

($dir) = @ARGV;

chdir $dir;

while ($nextFileName = * )
$fileNames $i++ =$nextFileName;

print "\n";

$search1= "Mary";

foreach $fileName (@fileNames)
if ($fileName= ~ /$search1/)
print "\n\n$fileName\n\n\n";
open( NAMES, " $fileName " ) or die "can't open $fileName";
while ( NAMES )
if (/Name=/)
print $_;
if (/Location=/)
print $_;
if (/Type of car=/)
print $_;
if (/Special=/)
print $_;

close NAMES;



print "\n\nNumber of matches: $j \n\n";

My problem: how can i print the second line (if it exists)of info in the type of car and all the lines provised in the Special field?

i appreciate your help.

ps. why doesn't my program show all the curly brackets and triangle brackets?


Oct 27, 2001, 2:04 PM

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Re: Reading / Parsing [In reply to] Can't Post

The car line was not working because in the script you had "car" while in the data file you had "Car". So I added the case insensitive 'i' flag to the regular expressions. To print the extra special lines we keep reading and printing until we find the next line. I am assuming that the next line will always be "Expiry=", so you might need to change that regex or the data to make it work.

Here is some code that works...


use strict;

my $dirname = '.';
my $search = 'mary';

opendir (DIR, $dirname) or die "could not open dir, $!\n";
my @files = sort map {"$dirname/$_" } grep { /$search/ } readdir DIR;
closedir DIR;

foreach my $fileName (@files) {
open( NAMES, $fileName ) or die "can't open $fileName, $!";
print "------------------\n";
while (<NAMES>) {
if (/Name=/i) {
print $_;
} elsif (/Location=/i) {
print $_;
} elsif (/Type of car=/i) {
print $_;
} elsif (/Special=/i) {
print $_;
while (<NAMES>) {
last if (/Expiry=/i);
print $_;
close NAMES;

print "------------------\n", "\n\nNumber of matches: ", scalar (@files), " \n\n";

PS. To make code samples look right on these pages it is best to put them in


blocks. I have added the spaces inside the braces so it will appear here, but you will want to use them without the spaces.


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