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Forum Testers



Dec 1, 2001, 6:01 AM

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Forum Testers Can't Post

Hello there.

I have created my own forum. You can try it at
The source is also free!

Hope you like it.
Please post any recommendations, compliments and more feedback.

Yet an Other Perl Programmer

X-Forum - Members and testers wanted Wink


Dec 2, 2001, 12:30 PM

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Re: Forum Testers [In reply to] Can't Post


kinda frustration here.
I am cooked.

There were 3 little problems in the software, causing some troubles.
Have you ever experienced the frustration that IF you finally thing everything is OK, you get the unexpected.

I changed somethings, and uploaded everything. My modifications had some unexpected turn.

I'm going to sleep now.
It's late
See you tomorrow at a real cool working forum!
It's all working now, and shines beautiful... well, never mind.

I hope i'll see you there.

Yet an Other Perl Programmer

X-Forum - Members and testers wanted Wink


Dec 4, 2001, 4:19 AM

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Re: Forum Testers [In reply to] Can't Post

I went there. I like the look and feel so far. I hope you get a little more traffic there. You did a great job so far. The sad thing about programming is that the job never ends. You will always think of something new, cool, different, exciting, challenging, or whatever and you will want to make the improvements. Know that at this point, your site looks very good and your effort is truly apparent in the quality of the site. Pat yourself on the back now. Then, get some sleep and be ready to make the improvements you will envision tomorrow.

:-) Great work.


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Dec 5, 2001, 1:21 AM

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Re: Forum Testers [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks a lot. Those compliments... (snif)

In Reply To
The sad thing about programming is that the job never ends

True. Normally this is just another hobby, as many, not a frustrating piece of work (very relaxed, and with ease). So I am not a guy sleeping behind his computer, in the dark, and coding. Explicitly saying this properly makes things only worse off course Wink

However it's kinda frustrating when you think your coding and small bug fixes are done, and you put it online. After I posted this topic, I found out that nothing was working!! I didn't upload everything to my website. there are a lot of files involved. If you update something fast, you'd properly forget something. If you want visitors, you'd better make things work. The files already were online, remember? The previous post was filled with pure emotions (if you can call them that way). I needed to update your info, I didn't know how many already visited the error pages.

The package you could download was incomplete and still had some other bugs, sometimes caused by the fast final modifications I made. Next, I made a serious error; the final mods haven't been tested enough. I thought they were OK.

- Simileys didn't work (the config file wasn't updated)
- the 'edit subject properties' returned an error when submitting the input fields
- making new posts corrupted the files, because of prototyping the functions passed my array into a scalar context.
- Wrong version of the settings file was sent (wrong default password)
- the flash-object-code had been replaced by the cheesy-smiley (:d in the 'clsid:' string)

A friend of mine (maglok) notified me that there are some improvements. This forum really works fine so far. He noticed that non-programmers would start screming there is no IM (inst. messg.), and so on. That's maybe true. Still i don't want to overwork myself, or get myself in more trouble. This is just another feature that will be added to this large hobby project after some time. Maybe never. (I am already learing something here Wink)

Yet, I am very happy with the replies, and compliments.
Keep going! and try it out.

Yet another Perl Programmer

X-Forum - Members and testers wanted Wink


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