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I need a custom script. Will Pay



Aug 21, 2000, 6:03 PM

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I need a custom script. Will Pay Can't Post

I have a website online that is running very well, but I'd like to have more control over it and its content, so I am needing a script that will do as detailed explanation below. If you can do it please contact me for more information. I will pay if price is reasonable.


I will be describing below what I need to be done as a custom script. The script is quite simple but will work really good for people who needs to give virtual courses in the Internet. This script, I am pretty sure, can also be used for many other users in the Internet.

1. The user needs to signup for the services and input a username and password. So we can control what each user does in the site. A .htaccess can be used so its easy to get their name as a remote_user environment variable.

2. In the signup the following information is required:

· Name
· Lastname
· Birthday
· E-mail
· Who recommended ? (Magazine, Banner, email etc – configurable)
· Username
· Password
· Receive e-mail in text format or html format ? (An option for the user)

3. When the information is saved it is necessary to also save the date the user has signup, because this date will be used to given him access to the classes. That will work as follow:

· When the user log in, the script will see how many days ago he have signup, and based in that information he will redirect him to a specific page in the directory. (This information will be set by admin only, beforehand). Example:
a. Let’s suppose that the classes are given every 2 to 3 days after the last one.
b. Paul has just signup up. And got a confirmation password by e-mail. After he complete the signup process and logs in. The script will see in the database (let’s use for now just a text file, I don’t think it will be necessary right now to use an sql, let’s make it simple), that he has signup 0 days ago, so he will send him to page welcome.htm.
c. If he logs in the next day. The script will see that he has signed up 1 day ago, so he will still send him to page welcome.htm
d. IF he logs the day after that, the script will see the has signed up 2 days ago, so now the script will send him to page: class2.htm
e. If he logs in 10 days later, the script will notice the signed up 10 days ago and will redirect him to class5.htm and so on.
f. Based on the time he has signed up he will be redirected to a specific page.
4. Every day or night, by cron or by starting a specific script. The program will check what user has been granted access to a new class and will send him an email noticing him about that. This messages will be configured by admin and need to be send in text format or html format, depending on the user choice.
5. From time to time, the course will have a test to verify that the user has study and completely understood the past lessons. So the admin sets like:
· Class 8 will be granted access 18 days after signed up.
· Class 9 will be granted access 20 days after signed up, but this will be a test day. So until user has complete the test he cannot proceed forward. The test will always be two types of questions configure by admin.
a. First type, multiple choice like: Question 1 – Who discovered America ? Answers: a, b, c, d, e. The users has to choose one and only one ?
b. Second type, true and false question. Example: Mark below only the answers that you think is true, the ones that are false leave blank. 4th of july is a holyday because: answers a, b, c, d, e. (The right ones are b, d and e. So the user has to check only b, d, e.
· The question value will also be configured by admin, so as soon as the user has finished the test the script will give him his grade ( a number between 0 and 10), his actual average (the average is the sum of all the past tests divided by the number of testes given) and based on the average or in the test grade the user will be send to a specific page or will get his account on hold having access only to previous classes and in a week (time configured by admin) will remake the test. If he gets a good grade will have access to class 10.
· Class 11 will be granted access 2 days after test (not signed up anymore)
· Class 12 will be granded access 4 days after test and so on.
· A popup quiz, every 10 time the user has logged in (time configured by admin) a popup question will be necessary to go on. If he chooses the right anwer half point will be added to his average and will be granted access to the lesson. If he chooses the wrong answer, half point will be lost in his average, but he still get access to the lesson. (If the user closes the page and logs again he will be prompt with the popup quiz again, he has to answer it in order to continue) This question will be random choose from question pre-configured by admin. Will not be the same one always.
· A class can also be configure to be given access if an average is higher than a specific number. Example Class 15, if average > 7 grants access, else go to test page ( 3 questions every 2 days, randomly choose and half point in the average for each right question and half point down of each wrong question. The user can choose to not answer one question if he thinks he does not know the answer, so he does not lose any point in a wrong question.) After test if checks again, if averave > than 7 grants access, else go to a test page. If he has already done the test a message will be show, Please study more and previous lessons and remake the test 2 days later. ( a message will be sent in right day informing him that the test is again up)

6. About the automatic messages that will be sent to the users:
· The admin will configure the time the users will have to wait between classes. Example:
a. Class 1 – 0 days after signed
b. Class 2 – 2 days after signed
c. Class 3 – 4 days after signed
d. Class 4 – 6 days after signed
e. Class 5 – 10 days after signed
f. Class 6 – 12 days after signed
g. Class 7 – 15 days after signed
h. Class 8 – TEST
i. Class 9 – 0 days after test if average is okay.
j. Class 10 – 2 days after test
k. Class 11 – 4 days after test
l. Class 12 – 6 days after test
m. Class 13 – 10 days after test
n. Class 14 – TEST
o. Class 15 – 0 days after test if average is okay.
p. Class 16 – 2 days after test
q. Class 17 – 3 days after test
r. Class 18 – 5 days after test
s. Class 19 – 10 days after test

· If a user does not logs in and 2 days later there is a new lesson, it does not matter he will still be redirect to the new lesson not the old anymore.
· The message will be written by admin like that:
a. Class 1 – A text message and a Html message
b. Class 2 - – A text message and a Html message
c. Class 3 – A text message and a Html message
d. Class 4 – A text message and a Html message
e. And so on.
f. Example of messages:
1. Text message: Hello $nameoftheuser (it is important to be able to insert the first name of the user in the message, so all message will be personalized), welcome back to our course. Today we will learn. Topic a, b and c. Please log in to the site and continue your course.
2. HTML Message: The admin will paste an html message and save the information.
g. The message will be sent aumaticatly by cron everyday at the same time, or it can be triggered by a specific script. The script will parse all the users and see each one have access to the lesson. It can have a field saved everytime this happen informing the next lesson date. So the script has only to check if next date=today if it is, send a message to the user and change the next date, if it is not, go to next user. It will send a text message to the user who choose that information or an html message if the user has chosen that.
h. At the bottom of the message it has to be a link for the user to remove themselves from the course and the mailing list. IF clicked by the user he will be send to a confirmation page where he will choose to be removed from the course, to remove from mailing from the course but still have access to the content and an option to be removed from all future mailing messages. He chooses each ones he wish and click to confirm. Can choose more than one.

7. The user have to be able to change his personal information like name, email , password etc. If email is changed a confirmation email will be sent to confirm that the new email is valid.

8. The admin can check all the user, search by name, email, lesson. Have statistics of how many users have signed for the course so far. How many are in the lessons 1, 2, 4 etc. how many users have grade between 0 – 2, 2 – 4, 4 – 6, 6 – 8, 8 – 10. Have to be able to send a broadcast message where he can write a text message and below a html message, sending text message to users who have chosen that format and html message for users how have chosen that format.

9. The admin can change the lesson the user is in, and send him to a forward lesson or previous lesson.

So far that is it, if you have a specific question about the script, please write me at:
Getulio Junior

Let me know how many days it might take to have it done and a price of the script. How is the payment method and any other relevant information you might consider.


Getulio Junior


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