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Perl Guru wanted as technical Inspector/Revisor (PAID JOB)


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Nov 26, 2012, 4:37 PM

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Perl Guru wanted as technical Inspector/Revisor (PAID JOB) Quote | Reply | Private Reply

10 Years ago, the legendary EveryAuction Perl Software 1.53 has been released by Everysoft's Matt Hahnfeld.

To honor the anniversary of this genious Perl learning Software, I have decided to release the pre-arranged Version 1.53'C' as basic Version under LGPL (Artist) License. It combines the best known Modifications and Add'On's ever released with the best and cleanest HTML Source ever written for EveryAuction. It so is the IDEAL Startup Software for Beginners to understand how Perl Software functions. In short, the ideal Programmer Learning Script.

It may sound silly for some of you, that I keep on using such 'outdated' Perl Code, Flat-File!!, written 10-15 Years ago. But in order to keep all work compatible with the huge existing EA Codebase Archive, not everything can just be changed. Besides, it does NOT matter, one may start easier working on an old VW engine, if one wants to learn how an engine functions...!

The Software is nearly ready to be released. It's a (yet unsplit) single 660kB File, 13'000 partly very long lines (including many empty ones!), running under mod-perl (use strict;), but without (-W) and it uses an indexing routine named FastEA to speed up search-related things, and a session-cookie routine to handle users and user-pages.

It can be seen and tested here:

I am seeking a Person with fundamental Perl Knowledge to
check the Routines, the Regex Stuff, the Security as well as possible open Doors or Holes.

Restriction: It is NOT possible to exchange COMMON EA Routines and WAYS OF DOING THINGS with KNOWN existing EA Scripting-Routines , if Massive Incompatibility would be the result with the Archive Variety of Software available. ( Exept, if those Mod's would be rather easy to adapt anywhere...)

I am willing to spend a decent 3digit amount into this Project. I have been spending uncounted hours of my free time in more than a decade on this script, and like to keep this software alive. It gave me so much, it's worth it. I am in Pension now, so I have the time and funds to keep the thing going strong at least as long as I live.

I want the new EveryAuction 1.53C-Series to be best and easiest to understand LGPL Perl Learn-Software ever written. It can serve, in many forms, as Auction, Classifieds, Personals, JobSeeker, JobFinder, or whatever you think of. I have all Kinds and Versions as Sample, available in my Online Archive.

Everyone will be invited to develop Add'On's and Mod's, for free or Paid!

Would you like to be Part of this?

If you understand the following:

$form{'question'} =~ s/[\"\'\}\{\)\(\%\&\+]//g;
$form{'question'} =~ s/<!(?:--[\s\S]*?--\s*)?>\s*//g;
$form{'question'} =~ s/[\~\^]//g;
$form{'question'} =~ s/~!/ ~!/g;
$form{'question'} =~s/\s+/ /g;
$form{'question'} =~s/^ //g;
$form{'question'} =~s/ $//g;
$form{'question'} =~ s/\</\&lt\;/g;
$form{'question'} =~ s/\>/\&gt\;/g;
$form{'question'} =~ s/(<[\s\/]*)(script\b[^>]*>)/$1x$2/gi;
$form{'question'} =~ s/iframe//g;
$form{'question'} =~ s/<*(javascript)[^>]+>//gi;
$form{'question'} =~ s/<*(script)[^>]+>//gi;
$form{'question'} =~ s/<*(applet)[^>]+>//gi;
$form{'question'} =~ s/<*(embed)[^>]+>//gi;
$form{'question'} =~ s/system\(.+//g;
$form{'question'} =~ s/alert//g;
$form{'question'} =~ s/param//g;
$form{'question'} =~ s/hash//g;
$form{'question'} =~ s/exec//g;
$form{'question'} =~ s/grep//g;
$form{'question'} =~ s/eval//g;

my $itemnumber;
$itemnumber = $file;
$itemnumber =~ s/\.dat//;
$itemnumber =~ s/\D+//;
$itemnumber =~ s/\D//g;
$itemnumber = substr($itemnumber, -10, 10);

and if you are able, not only to fully understand above, but to make some of it even shorter and/or more efficient, You are possibly the Person I am looking for!

Let me know! It's no Joke!

Best regards,

from Switzerland is authorized by Matt Hahnfeld

PS. Don't tell me. I'm a dreamer! I know how well the flatfile system works! Today we use Servers and Lines with 50 to 100 times more Power and Memory compared to Server Systems and Data-Lines 10 Years ago!

Compared with an ever endangered mySql-DB, up to 10'000 Items and 5'000 registered users, you are well set with a simple indexing system like FastEA ! And if one Files should crash for what reason ever, all others still GO! So, you may laugh, I am the one who smiles...

no offense..., english is not my native language, I just like it best...

(This post was edited by EveryAuction on Nov 26, 2012, 5:29 PM)
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