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How do I make a temporary file name?



Jan 26, 2001, 10:07 AM

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How do I make a temporary file name? Can't Post

(From the Perl FAQ)

How do I make a temporary file name?

Use the new_tmpfile class method from the IO::File module to get a filehandle opened for reading and writing. Use this if you don't need to know the file's name.

        use IO::File; 
$fh = IO::File->new_tmpfile()
or die "Unable to make new temporary file: $!";

Or you can use the tmpnam function from the POSIX module to get a filename that you then open yourself. Use this if you do need to know the file's name.

    use Fcntl; 
use POSIX qw(tmpnam);

# try new temporary filenames until we get one that didn't already
# exist; the check should be unnecessary, but you can't be too careful
do { $name = tmpnam() }
until sysopen(FH, $name, O_RDWR|O_CREAT|O_EXCL);

# install atexit-style handler so that when we exit or die,
# we automatically delete this temporary file
END { unlink($name) or die "Couldn't unlink $name : $!" }

# now go on to use the file ...

If you're committed to doing this by hand, use the process ID and/or the current time-value. If you need to have many temporary files in one process, use a counter:

    BEGIN { 
use Fcntl;
my $temp_dir = -d '/tmp' ? '/tmp' : $ENV{TMP} || $ENV{TEMP};
my $base_name = sprintf("%s/%d-%d-0000", $temp_dir, $$, time());
sub temp_file {
local *FH;
my $count = 0;
until (defined(fileno(FH)) || $count++ > 100) {
$base_name =~ s/-(\d+)$/"-" . (1 + $1)/e;
sysopen(FH, $base_name, O_WRONLY|O_EXCL|O_CREAT);
if (defined(fileno(FH))
return (*FH, $base_name);
} else {
return ();


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